British Weather Proof – PIL Membranes

We have been busy working on a new brand identity for PIL during the last few months, a company that provide membranes globally for garments, footwear and filtration products. We feel privileged and excited to be working with this locally based company who have had huge successes in national and international markets.

Living in the wonderfully wet and windy UK, we decided to centre the re-brand on the idea of British Weather Proof. The idea being that if it can withstand our harsh winters, you’re pretty much set for any other climate! We wanted a unique way of demonstrating to foreign markets what PIL are all about. Therefore we wanted something with broad appeal but would also get people talking. This works particularly well for PIL’s waterproof and breathable films company Porelle. Here we created posters for all of their Porelle market segments from sport to military, using photographs and a bold headline involving an individual person and how the Porelle layer in their clothing was helping them out.

These posters were just the beginning for our PIL Project. We also designed membrane holders and hangers to display the sample in a stylish but practical way. We also created insert sheets to display membrane examples, where people can see and touch them. We took a modern approach for these, coating them in raindrops set on a dark background. We also created signage and roller banners for Cinte Techtextil 2012, Asia’s leading trade fair for technical textiles. We were very excited to get involved with this huge international event! Using the British Weather Proof idea throughout, it created a real buzz around the stand.

We have also been working on stuff for other PIL brands Permair, PCL Ceramics, and Nanoflam so watch this space!