Maze Media Sponsor Local Football Team

We fancy ourselves as rich Russian billionaires, so we’ve taken a leaf out of Roman Abramovich’s book and got ourselves a football team. Only, we haven’t taken over a famous club, or bought any players, and we don’t intend on winning the Champions League. Instead, we have sponsored a local King’s Lynn Sunday League side, William Burt FC!

“Why?”, we hear you ask… well it is quite simple, our very own Nick Curtis plays for them.

We wanted desperately to redesign the entire kit and club colours, maybe coming up with something to rival the fantastically hideous Norwich City shirt of 1993…

But alas, we weren’t allowed to touch it with a barge pole. Our sponsorship looks nice, though. 😉

We were allowed, however, to design a new badge for the club. The boys wanted something simple and strong that resembles the ‘norm’ when it comes to football club badges. They also wanted to depict their famous underdog victory in the cup final last year. So we gave them the British Bull Dog protecting their cup, with the customary winners star to kick it all off.