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We have a vibrant and enthusiastic creative team buzzing with ideas and the skills needed to take them from thought to reality. From artistic direction to graphic design we are ready and waiting.

Whatever the challenge – be it corporate identity, print or online – good design visually enhances the impact and appeal of your communications. Each company, and each project within it, needs a creative style in keeping with the brand to create appeal for each audience in a relevant way.

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We will couple highly creative visual ideas with smart copywriting to make sure your messages stand out from the crowd.

  • Graphic design
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Poster design
  • Literature and brochure design
  • Advert design and advertising campaigns
  • Image and photo editing
  • Magazine design and production
  • Product package design
  • Email design and direct marketing campaigns


Graphic design

Graphic Design, King's Lynn, Maze Media

Our team of designers and artworkers are highly trained and experienced in creative direction, idea formation and product delivery. All of our ideas start with just a pen, pencil, notepad and most importantly, our thoughts! We look at how a design will work and who it needs to work for, before progressing our ideas further into development.

We encourage our creative team to take some time out and pursue their own artistic projects and designs, too. This keeps our creative senses fresh, motivated and inspired. At Maze Media we also like to keep up to date with latest industry news. What’s the point in shutting yourself away from an industry that is as ever changing, dynamic and exciting as graphic design?

So whatever your project, if you’re looking for a team of graphic designers in King’s Lynn then look no further than Maze Media. We’re right on your doorstep, there’s no need to travel to a London design agency. We’re right here!

Brand identity

brand identity, logo design

The look and tone of your identity underpins how you are perceived in the marketplace and enables a consistency across all of your activity.

Your logo design and strapline, or slogan, may seem small elements in the context of your business, but they are highly valuable. It’s easy to forget that your business’s logo or identity appears on all your communications and should reflect your company’s culture and appeal to your audiences.

Our creative team can create a stand-out brand identity and logo from scratch or tweak an existing design to be more effective across all channels. We invest the time and effort needed to create something special and unique to your business, and from initial research stages to presenting the final designs, we’re constantly thinking of how your visual identity will work best for you.

We believe that investment in design is invaluable and we can produce brand guidelines to help you manage the consistent use of your identity in the future.

So if you’re looking for a new logo design or business identity, no matter how small or large your company may be, get in contact with us at Maze Media. We’re brimming with ideas and can’t wait for the next exciting project to come along.

Website design

website design, maze media

Whether you need a complex e-commerce website or just a basic online presence, the web designers and developers here at Maze Media can help fulfil your requirements.

We have provided businesses with web design in King’s Lynn, locally, and as far afield as Udine in Italy and Valetta in Malta, with varying needs and criteria to meet along the way. All of our work is 100% unique and individual, we can custom build your website and CMS (Content Management System) to your exact requirements. We can also highly modify useful open source blogging platforms such as WordPress for your convenience. Have a word with our web design experts to see what is going to be best for you and your business.

Web design is not just about making your website look pretty (although we do manage to do that!), it’s about creating a design that brings your content and message to life. Functionality, navigation and visitor experience are all key parts of website design and these are things we take into consideration when creating your online masterpiece. We don’t believe a new website has a “finish line” as such. They have to be dynamic, evolving and ever changing just as your business is.

At Maze Media we care about the websites we build and strive to provide the same quality of service after your site goes live as we did before, and we apply the same high standards to the simplest homepage as we do to high-traffic enterprise scale websites.

And if you require e-commerce web design or something even more complex, we can help you achieve your aims and ensure that your site is secure, functions perfectly and can cope with any amount of traffic. With complementary services such as usability and conversion optimisation, copywriting, PPC, SEO and hosting, we can look after all aspects of your site.


Literature & poster design

Literature design, leaflet design, maze media

So you’ve got the sparkling logo design, you’ve got the all-singing website design and your brand identity is happily buzzing away. But what about literature design? In the modern age this can sometimes be overlooked, and, whereas in years gone by design teams would spend weeks hand-crafting magnificent leaflets and posters, businesses have a tendency to forget about this important cog in the branding machine.

From business cards and letterheads to leaflets and posters, in the twenty-first century, your branding needs to translate from online to offline and vice-versa. If you’re physically handing a client or potential customer a piece of literature with your logo on, it has to be effective, it has to be informative and, above all, it has to look great!

A little bit of extra time and care spent on your offline and promotional material can mean the world of difference when leaving a lasting impression in someone’s mind. At Maze Media we have the tools, expertise, ideas and vision to create the perfect offline promotional and advertising material for your business. Whether you want something a little different or bog standard, we don’t cut corners and we won’t stop until it’s right.

Advert design and advertising campaigns are a key part in any marketing plan or business strategy. The power of offline marketing is still as strong as it has ever been and it is vital that your business and brand is portrayed correctly. Using an advertising campaign in the right way and place will reinforce your brand identity, product portfolios and increase sales or give rise to awareness of your message.


If you require more information on our design services at Maze Media or have a project you’d like quoting, please feel free to Email, Tweet, Facebook or Call Us!

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