Marketing and advertising services, King’s Lynn

Key to effective marketing is strategic thinking and planning. We work hard to gain a clear understanding of your brand before considering the channels and messages to promote your brand and products.

This stage of the process is invaluable and allows us to plan strong communications to meet your objectives, enabling maximum impact to identified target audiences.

Marketing and Advertising Services, Maze Media

Using this insight of your brand, our in house team of specialists co-ordinate to create powerful campaigns whatever the media chosen. We can do it all: visually dynamic print advertising, compelling PR from press news stories to social media, website design and development and a wealth of other channels for brand exposure or a targeted campaign of online advertising. At Maze we’re passionate about getting it right to an agreed budget and on time.

Client service matters to us and we believe you should know who you are dealing with, which is why we’re proud to shout about our experienced and talented team and keen for you to meet us in person. There are many faceless marketing and design agencies popping up all over the internet, at Maze Media we’re a group of real people who care about your business as much as we care about our own.

To be efficient and effective in our promise of excellent customer service, each client has an account manager or representative. This ensures a central point for communication and responsibility, but when it comes to each project, you can also talk to each specialist within the agency as you wish.

Our marketing and advertising services cover a vast range of skills and disciplines, you can explore more of them below, or, if you prefer you can contact us directly to discuss how our expertise could help your brand or business.

  • Marketing consultancy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Corporate identity
  • Sales promotion
  • Business strategy
  • Product launch management
  • Event organisation
  • Sponsorship organisation

If you require more information on our marketing services at Maze Media or would like some indication on how much our services cost, please feel free to Email, Tweet, Facebook or Call Us!

Marketing consultancy

For most businesses, having their own marketing department is simply too expensive. Employing trained professionals to look after your websites, brochures, literature, PR and exhibitions for example can soon become rather costly. That is why more and more companies are hiring marketing consultants for a fraction of the price.

The purpose of hiring a marketing consultancy agency is to save you (the client) money, time and a great deal of stress. They manage your advertising and marketing budgets which allows you to carry on doing what you do best, running your business. However, they will still have to outsource work such as PR, web design and event organisation.

Here at Maze Media however, we’re a full service agency that specialises in marketing consultancy. This means we do not need to outsource any work at all. We can manage or advise on your budget in house and help achieve your goals all under one roof.

From initial creative ideas, to strategy planning and managing budgets to creating websites, our team here at Maze can make it work for you and your company.

Marketing strategy

At Maze Media we can help and assist you with your marketing strategies or take full control of everything from planning to budget, leaving you time to run your business.

Your marketing strategy is an important tool used to fulfil your company, campaign and product objectives. We can arrange multi-year plans or short term schedules that will detail your aims and how we can best achieve them.

As with anything related to business and particularly in the current economic climate, your marketing strategy must remain dynamic and flexible. Maze will work hard to understand your business and markets operated in, meaning we can react quickly to any changes that may affect your plans and goals and what we need to do in order to accomplish them.

Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns are much more than just a good idea, they are the evolution of a series of good ideas, marketing strategies, objectives and careful planning.

Our specialists at Maze Media can see your advertising campaigns through from start to finish. We have talented graphic designers, public relations professionals, marketing experts and web analysts who all get involved with advertising campaign ideas. Not all ideas work and the ever changing world of business and marketing strategy means your advertising campaign has to change too.

You may want something simple to run in local papers or on selected websites or you may require a national campaign that reaches hundred of thousands of people, maybe millions. Whatever it is your company or product needs we will work closely with you to ensure maximum exposure.

You may already have an idea or be looking to start something from scratch. Whatever it is you can be assured we will create a unique and engaging campaign that will communicate your central message throughout a wide range of mediums and channels.

Corporate identity

Corporate identity is vitally important to any business, in any sector, no matter who your audience is. What’s more, your corporate identity is more than just a logo and company colour!

The corporate identity of your business is an amalgamation of your company’s philosophy, employees, products, customers and reputation. It is a combination of everything that makes your business tick.

It is these particular factors (and many more) we will take into account when creating your brand identity, which in turn, reflects your corporate identity. We will research your company and the markets in which you operate, gathering ideas together in creative meetings before even beginning to design your logo. It is this research and strategic thinking that will help deliver a distinguishable, unique and effective brand identity.

Yes, you can get a cheap logo design created by an online programme, which is fine, but they will not take into account you or your business as an individual. A brand identity cannot be chucked together. It needs to be founded on strong ideas, direction and belief. Which is what, here at Maze Media, we provide.

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