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Publicising your business can be a daunting, and expensive, task. But we like to think we’re a little different – reasonable rates combined with experience leading corporate and public sector PR campaigns, and in journalism. Not all agencies can say the same.

Public relations is a business function that supports and helps to achieve organisational goals and objectives. That may be increasing sales, communicating with others in your industry, informing the public of key information, or raising brand awareness.

We’ll align your PR needs with your business goals to plan an achievable campaign using the most appropriate channels, whether that’s traditional media, trade media, online video, events or social media.

PR strategy & campaign planning

Oscar Wilde’s wry observation that ‘there is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about‚’ wasn’t aimed at today’s businesses, but it’s probably more true than ever.

The trick, of course, is to be talked about in the right way and by the right people, and that’s where we can help. We’ll work hard to understand your organisation and its key messages, and plan an integrated communications campaign to support your business objectives.

News articles

If you need a thief to catch a thief, you need a journalist to write sharp, well-angled news copy to give your story the best possible chance of catching the news editor’s eye. And with newsdesks receiving literally hundreds of unsolicited emails a day, it also helps if your PR agency knows how to talk to journalists and has unrivalled contacts in the regional media.

Many emails these days are deleted by journalists solely on the basis of either the subject title or the headline and first paragraph of an article. Get that wrong and, even if you have a decent story to tell, it may never see the light of day.

With our press release writing service we guarantee that if you have a story worth telling, we can tell it better than anyone.

Newsletters and copywriting

We can produce your newsletter right from initial design concept through to publication, providing as little or as much copywriting or editing as you require.

Our team of talented designers and writers can make your newsletter stand out from the crowd.

We can also speak to the key people in your organisation to unearth the best stories to include, or give a one-off training seminar to help your staff identify the news.

Press office liaison

Our staff have experience of running busy press offices for large NHS trusts, leading pub chains and the UK’s largest specialist insurance broker.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build good relationships with journalists, respond quickly to enquiries round-the-clock and go the extra mile to ensure your organisation is best represented in the media.

A good press office is invaluable in ensuring that journalists really understand the story and can present a balanced view.

We can also advise on how best to present stories which could cause problems before they break.

Social media marketing

Do you know your Tweets from your trending topics, how to get the best out of a Facebook fan page, or if Foursquare can increase your footfall?

We can provide everything from a basic introduction to Twitter and Facebook marketing, to planning and implementing an engaging social media campaign.

Although Twitter and Facebook have become ubiquitous in a very short space of time, their apparent simplicity can be deceptive and they represent the tip of a very large iceberg of mainstream and niche social networking platforms.

Internal communications

Making sure your staff are well informed and fully engaged in your organisation is every bit as important as having great external PR. It’s no good bringing in new business if your team behind the scenes isn’t right behind you, and any good change management programme will have internal communications at its heart.

Communicating effectively with staff ensures the strategic direction of an organisation is known, understood and, above all, acted on.

Get it right, and the result is increased engagement and productivity, with employees performing the role of ambassadors for the brand. Get it wrong, and apathy and cynicism can quickly spread through a workforce.

PR workshops

You may not have the budget to spend on a PR agency campaign, but that doesn’t mean you should miss the chance to promote your business in the media.

If you need a little helping hand to do your own PR, we can provide one-off workshops to help you identify what makes a story, how to present it to the media and tips on headline and press release writing.

Our half-day course will help you devise and execute your own PR programme, explaining what PR is, how to structure your campaign, and how to handle journalists.

Crisis management

Every organisation needs a plan in place to deal with a crisis, from minor problems to major catastrophes.

With experience of working within the emergency services and as part of major incident planning teams, our staff can help you plan a process which will help you cope with every eventuality.

Often, a crisis is a turning point that offers as much opportunity as it does danger.

As well as managing a crisis that’s already hit, we can help with advance training to prepare managers to face the media in difficult situations.

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