The Blue & Orange Invasion: Adrian Flux Branding

One of the biggest brands we have the privilege of working on is Adrian Flux, specialist insurance brokers. Over the last 35 years their company has grown into a small giant, housing over 600 staff members in East Winch on the outskirts of King’s Lynn.

During the past few months we have been busy creating and rolling out their new brand identity, we like to think of it as “The Blue & Orange Invasion”. Adrian Flux’s print adverts appear in hundreds of magazines and publications nationwide so we’ve used bold as brass colours to take an otherwise jejune market place by storm.

Everything from advertising (both on and offline) to promotional items and company literature to event branding has been drenched with the blue and orange paint brush. We really wanted to create a powerful presence for Adrian Flux, whose market is namely aimed at enthusiasts who know their stuff. This is why we take great care in how each bespoke piece of artwork looks.

As you’ll no doubt spot, we have used various graphic outlines of cars, buildings and objects to further improve the brand identity. Each individual example is a piece of artwork in its own right. Seriously, we’re thinking of getting some blown up and framed!

If you’ve read this far then it is time you found out about the new Adrian Flux website, too. It’s not easy designing and building a website that hosts thousands upon thousands of web pages. But here we are, it’s live and we’re happy… well, almost. You have to remember that launching a new website is not the end of the project. It is just the start.

Take a look at the new Adrian Flux website and let us know what you think!

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