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Adrian Flux Driverless Cars

Our client’s problem

Having been in the business for over 45 years, specialist insurance broker Adrian Flux recognises the importance of forward-thinking more than most. As the company works in both the automotive and financial services industries, they’ve experienced their fair share of market disruptions! For this reason, they approached us about creating a campaign that would reflect their adaptability as a company.

The client wanted our campaign to tick the following boxes:

  • To get recognition as the leading UK brand for all things specialist car insurance
  • Improve search rankings for niche keywords in the competitive insurance market
  • Position Flux as the go-to company for future insurance requirements, even in a world constantly disrupted by digital change

How we solved it

Having researched and discussed a number of ideas, we realised that coverage of autonomous vehicles was growing in prominence and the new technology could in fact cause significant disruption to the insurance market if things were to continue in the direction they were going. Based on search traffic, we noticed that curious members of the public were asking questions about driverless cars online. This suggested that the technology and its impact were still unknown to a lot of people.

Information online was also quite vague. This presented us with the opportunity to cut through the noise and position the brand as a reliable, authoritative voice. We therefore decided to create the world’s first driverless car insurance policy in collaboration with our friends at Gravity. As the policy was the first of its kind, we were stepping into new territory.

In addition to the policy, we created a number of supporting articles and videos to help dispel confusion around the new technology. This had the added benefit of positioning Adrian Flux as the market expert for all things autonomous vehicles.

In order to gain some traction and hype around the new policy, we researched and collated a media outreach list. The list included insurance, national, international and technology press. Through these efforts, we hoped to appeal to the following groups of people:

  1. Journalists, bloggers and influencers with interests in technology, automotive news and financial issues to secure coverage and reach.
  2. UK car owners, particularly early adopters of electric, driverless and semi-autonomous vehicles, all of which Flux could insure.
  3. Car enthusiasts, current policyholders and prospects.
  4. Analysts, regulators, the government and other members of the insurance industry.

The results

The campaign gained global media and broadcast coverage, including dozens of links on high authority websites within the first four weeks of launch. The campaign garnered combined traffic approaching 12 billion views.

Following its success and our careful keyword research, Adrian Flux ranked – and continues to rank – as the third result for the key term “driverless car insurance.” We were also able to attribute the campaign towards a 5% increase in clicks on organic search results.

What’s more, the client was included in industry and government policy panels. This certainly helped achieve their goal of becoming an authoritative voice on driverless car and niche insurance areas.

As an agency, the campaign won the Best Financial Services Content Marketing Strategy at the Drum Content Awards 2017. We were also shortlisted for a number of other prestigious awards, including:

What the client said

“Driverless cars was an ambitious, innovative campaign that tapped into the buzz surrounding the future of motoring and brought the question of insurance front and centre of the debate. The results are there for all to see, and prove the value of creative, original thinking.”

Gerry Bucke,
General Manager at Adrian Flux

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