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Adrian Flux : Victorian Homes

The campaign that led to a 31% increase in insurance policies

Adrian Flux
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The brief

As a specialist insurance broker, Adrian Flux offers a variety of policies, including household insurance. Through research, we noticed that there were approximately 5 million pre-1900 homes in the UK, with the majority of these built in the Victorian era. This represented a major opportunity for the insurance company to target this niche.

We decided to launch a new content hub, Victorian Homes, to target this niche market and drive business leads to Adrian Flux’s household insurance department. We decided the hub should centre around a gated downloadable e-book.

This would allow us to capture contact information from interested users, which could then be used for remarketing purposes.

We set out with the following key objectives:

  • Promote content to the target audience so they download the Victorian Homes eBook so we can capture their email addresses and remarket household insurance products to those who have opted into marketing. 
  • Build an email list through a Facebook lead generation campaign with the aim of remarketing Victorian Homes content to that highly targeted database.
  • Create engaging content that works for Native Advertising, Pinterest and Facebook to drive visitors to the Victorian Homes site.

How we tackled it

We teamed up with a content writer specialising in historical journalism to write the copy for the e-book, which focused on tips for decorating and maintaining a Victorian home. This was then handed to the design team, who packaged the content into a beautiful format, with illustrations and photographs from a Victorian Homes photoshoot.

Of course, no website is complete if it isn’t driving traffic. We created a Victorian Homes blog on the content hub too, which focused on evergreen informational pieces, including articles on interior design and gardening tips.

Not only did this help build organic traffic to the site, but it also gave us a steady stream of content to help promote the Victorian Homes e-book on. Each blog included a banner with a short bit of text about the e-book, as well as a download link.

As users had to provide us with their name and email address, as well as an option to opt into marketing updates, this allowed us to contact the audience and use their information in our marketing efforts.

We also gave people the opportunity to share their insurance renewal date with us. As home insurance renewals only occur once a year, this helped us know when would be the best time to contact the user about Adrian Flux’s household insurance.

Using Adrian Flux’s pre-existing database of Victorian homes and generic household insurance policyholders, we created customer personas and used these to create lookalike audiences that we could target in our advertising.

Our design team also created illustrations, infographics and photos from a Victorian Homes photoshoot that we used for highly targeted paid advertising on Pinterest, Facebook and Native advertising.

The results

We met all three of the campaign’s original objectives.

In the first year alone, the content hub gained over 110,000 sessions. Around 50,000 sessions came from Native advertising, roughly 30,000 from Pinterest advertising, and over 13,000 from Facebook advertising.

This traffic helped us collect over 9,000 email addresses in the first year, and helped contribute to a 31% increase in household insurance policies since we started the campaign, which shows just how effective the Victorian Homes campaign has been.

What’s more, over the first year of the content hub’s creation, the Facebook lead generation campaign resulted in a gain of over 8,000 email addresses that were interested in Victorian Homes content and remarketing.

The hub continues to deliver an outstanding return on investment; we continue to produce content for the hub to promote the e-book and Adrian Flux insurance.

“The results are amazing. We are really pleased to see a large increase in our Victorian Home policies which proves what a success this campaign has been. I’m glad we decided to try something different which has received such a positive response.”

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux General Manager


UK Content Awards 2020

This innovative campaign to generate more household insurance for our key client Adrian Flux landed us a first prize in the UK Content awards.

International Content Marketing Awards 2020

The Victorian Homes content project was shortlisted in the category of Best Use of Content Marketing for Finance at the 2020 CMA International Content Marketing Awards.

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