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Germains Seed Technology: Xbeet enrich 200

Raising awareness for the company’s new sugar beet product

Germains Seed Technology

Our client’s brief

Germains Seed Technology sells seed solutions to farmers in order to improve seed health and growth. We were approached by Germains to help promote their newest sugar beet product, the Xbeet enrich 200, in order to increase interest and orders in time for the 2021 farming season.


We had four objectives:

  • Drive the target audience to the Germains Xbeet landing pages through social, email, advertising and lead generation campaigns
  • Build a database of 50-100 email customers for Germains to remarket to
  • Improve product awareness and Germains’s social media followers through paid and unpaid content
  • Shift orders from the Xbeet 100 to Xbeet 200

As growers can’t order Xbeet products directly from Germains and must instead select their chosen seed treatment products from British Sugar, we needed to raise awareness of the Xbeet enrich among decision makers, breeders, growers and influencers in the sugar beet industry so the Xbeet would be their go-to choice.

How we tackled it

We came up with the campaign tagline “More Yield in Your Field” and used this to create consistent messaging across the various marketing channels we were using.

We then created a landing page for the Xbeet enrich 200 in order to drive awareness about Germains’ new product and influence decision makers before they placed their 2021 order. We combined this with a new Facebook page, a competition to help gather user information, as well as email and social media campaigns. These not only helped increase visibility for the brand, but they also enhanced Germains’ authority in the industry.

At the same time, our content and design teams worked together to create an advertorial and adverts to feature in some of the industry’s key publications. This was so we could target decision makers who didn’t use social media to stay up to date with the latest industry news. Publications included the British Sugar Review and Farmers Weekly.

As the sole buyer of all sugar beet grown in Britain, British Sugar plc. plays a vital role to sugar beet farmers and decision makers. As a result, we worked with British Sugar to produce an email newsletter with the campaign messaging and design to send out to their database. This was particularly important at the beginning of the campaign as Germains didn’t have its own database to market to.

The results

Happily, all four of the goals set at the beginning of the campaign were met. Social sessions rose 293% year on year, email sessions increased by 1,463% year on year, and referral sessions increased by 13% year on year. This helped drive traffic to the Xbeet landing pages and the competition page in order to raise awareness around the Xbeet products.

We were able to exceed the email database target and managed to secure 117 email addresses. Considering there are only around 3,500 sugar beet farmers in Britain, this was a very positive result for the campaign.

Perhaps most significantly of all, this multimedia campaign achieved the ultimate goal of shifting growers from the Xbeet 100 to the new Xbeet 200 product; overall, orders weighted 80% to the newer product.

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