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We are Maze Media. An award-winning marketing agency based in King’s Lynn and London. We have a over a decade of success behind us, helping all kinds of clients grow their businesses. Our focus is on building clever creative campaigns.


By understanding our clients needs and ambitions for their business, as well as their customers desires and problems, we will formulate a marketing strategy that will help them put the right message in front of the right audience.


Beautiful designs, compelling writing, useful insight or ingenious ways of solving a problem. There are many forms of creativity and we embrace them all. If an answer is obvious, it’s probably already been done, we always try to go beyond the obvious to ensure our work stands out from the crowd.


Like any good general, we prefer to work on campaigns with a defined objective so that we can track progress and measure success in an objective way. We’re happy working in partnership with our clients, other agencies and technology partners.

Our History

Established by our four founding partners in 2009, Maze Media is the spoke at the heart of the wider Maze Group. A collection of niche agencies each run by passionate people who are experts in their chosen fields ranging from PPC and Social Lead Generation to Influencer Marketing and Cinematic Video Production.

When we first saw an opening for a high quality full service agency in West Norfolk, we knew there was potential to do something special, but a decade later, we’ve surprised even ourselves with the scale of what the team has achieved.

We’re immensely proud of the campaigns we’ve worked on, the clients we’ve worked for and the awards we’ve won. But we’re most proud of our team of lovely colleagues who have made Maze Media what it is today.

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