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Discover King's Lynn: Merchants Market

Merchants Market

Discover King's Lynn
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Our client’s brief

Discover King’s Lynn is a local Business Improvement District dedicated to supporting King’s Lynn Town Centre through an innovative programme of initiatives, events and services. 

We were approached by Discover King’s Lynn to rebrand their monthly outdoor market – for which we designed the original branding. The market’s overall offering had evolved since its inception as a Farmers Market and the client wished for new branding to reflect this. 

The rebranded market was intended to:

  • Act as a destination to draw visitors into King’s Lynn town centre and boost overall footfall
  • Encourage visitors to dwell in the town for longer
  • Add vibrancy and atmosphere to the town centre on a monthly basis

Discover King’s Lynn wanted the relaunched market to feel fresh and somewhat aspirational for the town, however it was important that the new designs had a wide appeal given the market’s varied audience.

How we tackled it

The first element of the rebrand we approached was the name. Several name options were provided with the client opting for Merchants Market.

The name was simple and clearly described the event and the contributors, while nodding to King’s Lynn’s merchant town heritage. Merchants also suggested a higher standard and variety of offering where products may have been drawn from further afield.

This name appealed further as it gave room for brand evolution; inserting ‘Festive’ or ‘Easter’ into the name would allow Discover King’s Lynn to create future sub-brands of the event.

The result

The relaunch of the monthly event with its new Merchants Market branding garnered the highest footfall since before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The chosen designs were well received by traders and customers alike, with many commenting positively on the fresh new look.

The assets we created for Discover King’s Lynn were seen across digital platforms, as well as in print, and each was as impactful as the next. It was great to see the designs brightening up the town each month through banners, lamp post covers and a-frames.

This is exactly what our market needed. Maze understood what we were trying to achieve by relaunching the market under a new name and design and they excelled at every point of this project. All the designs were so strong, it was a real challenge to select just one!

Vicky Etheridge, BID ManagerDiscover King’s Lynn

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