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12 Travel Photographers you Need to Follow on Instagram

Are these the best travel photographers on Instagram?

For want of a better term, we’re a creative agency, so you can safely assume we follow a bunch of creative people on Instagram. We’ve created a list of some of our favourite, perhaps lesser known (although that is likely to soon change for this talented lot), travel photographers on the gram.

Warning – Follow at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any incurred travel envy.


1). @jackharding

Jack certainly loves three things – Europe, water and his camera. He’s always flitting from country to country and if you love his work as much as we do, you can even grab one of his prints.


This one time I went to a fairytale land. They told me it was called Slovenia

A post shared by Jack Harding (@jackharding) on


2).  @nattesferd

Niklas might be based in Sweden, but you’d have a hard time finding him there. If you love mountains and dark, moody tones, he’s your guy.


Cliffhanger ft. @iamlofstrom

A post shared by N I K L A S (@nattesferd) on


3). @eventyr

It was pretty hard not to discover Even, given that he was recently featured by Instagram themselves. One of our favourite travel photographers ever, his account is full of heavenly Northern Lights photography and recently he’s been in the sky himself thanks to his trusty Mavic Pro.


4). @errincasa

Canada based Errin is actually part of an adventurers collective full of travel photographers. You can’t bet she’ll always be in North America, but you can bet the photos she’s taken from wherever she is are going to make you jealous.


Really glad I got to watch @thismattexists stand on a rock as thin as a potato chip and not have to do it myself ✔️❤

A post shared by ↚Errin Casano↛ (@errincasa) on


5). @skyestoury

In her own words, Skye would “rather be in the mountains”… and from the looks of things, she tends to be.


6). @johanlolos

4 years of full time snapping around the world has helped Johan capture many beautiful shots in many beautiful locations. He’s been just about everywhere, and he’ll make you want to go just about everywhere too.


Exploring the valley of the Gods in Iceland

A post shared by Johan Lolos (@johanlolos) on


7). @joelymm

On Joel’s account you’ll find a bit of everything from a bit of everywhere. Oh, and foxes. Lots and lots of foxes.


8). @ryansheppeck

Dark, moody tones are clearly in right now amongst travel photographers, and Ryan has got them nailed.


9). @michielpieters

Outdoor photographer Michiel will make you feel about the fact you’re inside reading this blog post.


I guess some bridges look better than others. This is a pretty good example.

A post shared by Michiel Pieters | Belgium (@michielpieters) on


10). @alexrobyyy

Think of a waterfall. Alexandria has been there and taken a picture of it, I can guarantee it. The vibrancy of her feed is unmatched elsewhere.


**caption this photo** because I can’t think of anymore captions about waterfalls. – – – – #doyoutravel #agameof10k #artofvisuals #roamtheplanet #bevisuallyinspired #forgeyourownpath #letsgosomewhere #wonderfulglobe #greatnorthcollective #thebalibible #collectivelycreate #folkindonesia #travelstoke #thecoolmagazine #waterfall #awakethesoul #earthofficial #lonelyplanet #thelensbible #takemoreadventures #welivetoexplore #instagood10k #expofilm #vzcomood #queekygrams #thecoolmagazine #roamearth #aov10k #watchthisinstagood @exploreindonesia @earthofficial @beautifuldestinations @stayandwander @artofvisuals @earth @theglobewanderer @ourplanetdaily @thevisualcollective @earthfocus @roamtheplanet @thebalibible

A post shared by Alexandria Roby (@alexrobyyy) on


11). @giuligartner

Moody tones. Water. Mountains. Drone shots. Only 18 years old and Giulia is ticking all the boxes.


Throwback to this morning in Switzerland last month, grateful for the good times we had ☺

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12). @imperfec1ion

Another Niklas for the list. This Niklas loves his contrast and greens. Forest lovers, you need to be following this guy.