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2019 Design Predictions

Unfortunately, I don’t have the power to look into the future. However, as a creative you get a feeling for where design is moving and – maybe – what’s to come.

2019 is here, Brexit is still covering every daily headline, there are more social movements than ever and digital content is continuing to take over the world. Much in the style of Black Mirror’s dating programme, design is gradually moving into obscure realms, either going to create unity between society or simply divide it.

In 2018, we saw Colin Kaepernick stir up one of the biggest creative political campaigns seen in a very long time, kneeling for the American national anthem due to his beliefs, and becoming Nike’s golden boy. As a designer, I feel like this was a huge turning point in the industry, one of the most valued companies in the world took an extremely controversial person at the time and made them their ambassador, potentially facing complete backlash.

Initially, people were burning their Nike belongings, Americans were fuming. However, this only ignited the campaign in Nike’s favour even more. It showed they were a company who wanted to find people who didn’t want to just fit in with the crowd and had something to believe in and stand their ground, I think we’ll see this more in 2019 with companies launching creative campaigns around slightly controversial beliefs.

Nike’s share prices dropped by 2% at the time, yet some of the biggest names in sport came together to stand for what it had done. To me, this one of the most influential and inspiring campaigns of the 21st century. Could Theresa May potentially be on a special edition of Brexit Frosted Shreddies? It could happen people.

just do it

We are also at a unique time in history where genders are being questioned, more people are going vegan, and also what should be considered as inappropriate or appropriate in society. These topics will all play a massive role in creative campaigns and design, however, I think it will divide people more than unite them. These topics will be represented heavily through animation and video in my eyes, mainly being digital with occasional innovative print work coming from it. Really targeting social media.

#Metoo is a movement against sexual assault and harassment which really blew up last year, I think this will visually grow over the year through video and other campaigns, it will be interesting to see how this is styled to target their audience.

As the world gets older and older, things just get more digital and customisation and flexibility in UX design (I believe) will be at a all time high. I sure love having the ability to customise, when I go onto a website and I can customise aspects of my experience I feel powerful and in control. This speaks for a lot of creatives in my opinion because it’s a demonstration of how design can influence your experience. Lots of powerful colours and gradients will sit alongside this, really hitting from a visual point of view, I think in the industry we are trying to stay as far away as possible from being boring.

Finally, the last thing I think will blow up in 2019 is more 3D design, fewer flat styles. It started to really pick up towards the end of 2018 and I think it will continue to boom this year. It adds a different perspective to designs, it makes work feel more alive.

The thing with 3D design is that it has so many possibilities, you can go as wild as you want with it and really utilise it in campaigns and promotions. It’s one of the harder skills to learn due to time consumption – but can really elevate a visual piece.

I’m excited for 2019 as a creative, join me as I watch this space and enjoy the big things coming this year in the design industry.