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What are the main challenges for Women in Tech?

Just a few weeks ago London ExCel hosted the Women of Silicon Roundabout, an event that connects women in tech from all over the world to discuss opportunities in a technological world dominated by men. As a business that supports and strongly believes in diversity and inclusion, we were there with some of our own incredible women in tech.

This event made us wonder about the struggles and challenges women in tech have to face on a daily basis. So, we decided to run a survey on our social channels to find out what you think is “the main challenge of being women in tech.” Here is the data from our Twitter profile:


According to our brief survey, the biggest issue is the fact women in tech feel they are not taken seriously, followed by problems with work-life balance and the gender pay gap. 

Even though women were already working in the technology sector during World War 2, there still seems to be some bias about their technological capabilities. 

Perhaps their family or commitments outside of work affect their work-life balance to a point that they’re unable to focus on their career development and learning new skills? Does this also explain the concerns they have over the gender pay gap? 

The ‘imposter syndrome’

Whatever the reason may be, the outcome of all of this leads to a lack of confidence at work. This is made even worse by the absence of female role models, i.e a reference point and someone to aim for. 

It seems that in the UK two-thirds of women have developed the ‘imposter syndrome’ which is the feeling of not being as good as others at work. What leads to this syndrome? 

The biggest cause is receiving criticism followed by the need to ask for help in performing some tasks. Both of these reasons make women doubt their own skills and abilities with a consequent decline in their self-confidence.

What are the solutions?

How can we avoid this phenomenon? How can we give women in tech the same opportunities as men and help them feel as accomplished as them?

First of all, women should look for a business that welcomes gender diversity. Of course, this doesn’t prevent women from facing some challenges but it’s a good place to start.

Secondly, companies should be aware of the type of support required. For example, providing honest and constructive feedback will help to improve their performance. Also, offering training opportunities will ensure continued learning and skills development. 

This way, they will slowly stop self-doubting and their self-confidence will grow as they face new challenges and gain more knowledge day after day.

What about you, what do you think are the main challenges of being a woman in tech and what are the solutions?

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