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How we reinvented the safety poster during Covid-19

In the design studio, we love variety. This could mean working with different industries, platforms and mediums, however our client work can’t always fulfil these needs, so we introduced the project ‘Brilliant Brief Briefs’. These started out as short, self-initiated briefs to keep the studio’s creative juices flowing but quickly evolved to include live briefs to help out friends and families.

One of our favourite projects we worked on last year was to redesign COVID-19 safety posters for the office. Instead of having jarring, run-of-the-mill health and safety style posters on the walls, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create more engaging and alternative designs that feel more ‘Maze’.

Keep safe + keep your distance

Will communal biscuit become a thing of the past? We certainly hope not, but to remind the team to remain socially distanced we’ve encouraged them to stand biscuit widths apart as a playful interpretation of the 2m rule – after all most of us are biscuit connoisseurs.

Keep safe + keep to one person in the kitchen

Tea making is an important part of our office culture and if one was to have poor tea making etiquette by only making themselves a cup of tea, it would be considered a ‘cup of selfish’. We decided to champion ‘cups of selfish’ to stop the spread and to remind everyone it should be only one person in the kitchen at all times.

Keep safe + wash your hands

The NHS encouraged us to sing happy birthday while washing our hands, but we decided ‘21 seconds’ by So Solid Crew felt more ‘Maze’.

Bac Up!

This is a clever play on words to remind the team to use both anti-bac and to keep their distance, showing that a bold yet simple design with clever messaging can be as effective as a traditional health and safety poster.

Keep this desk free

This cool and playful illustration was designed to ensure the team kept a safe distance from each other by not using every desk. We think this sign is more aesthetically pleasing and much more friendly than having a huge ‘DO NOT USE’ sign.