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Benefits of a Full Service Agency Over a Standalone PPC Agency

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an incredibly powerful tool in any digital marketing strategy. Control of budgets, message matching, scheduling, location targeting, accurate return on investment etc. are just a few of the great features of using PPC to market your business online.

However, because PPC generally, is only one part of the bigger puzzle, using a stand alone PPC management agency can potentially have its drawbacks.     

  • They are only focussed on one area of the strategy. AdWords account, keywords etc.

  • They may not be best equipped to give guidance or support on other vital areas of online marketing such as: content, conversion rate optimisation, social media, email marketing, user experience, public relations, media buying and search engine optimisation best practices and performance. All of these play their part in any successful inbound marketing campaign.

  • With some larger PPC agencies, the higher paying clients tend to get the most attention.

  • Smaller clients can also have less experienced PPC executives/interns handling their account as the more skilled and experienced staff work exclusively for the bigger budget clients.

Imagine, for instance, you are launching a brand new restaurant. In the build up to the big opening night, you will definitely need a far more rounded approach to launching and then running the city’s latest and hottest eatery. A great opening night alone will not do, you will want to have a healthy business in the longer term also.

Paying for and liaising between several different companies which are all focussed on their little area of the strategy, could work out be very costly and very time consuming when you have to meet each company individually and go through the same process of explaining the background behind the business, the concepts, the future plans and ideas etc.

Envisage for a moment if you had to deal with and pay a different company for the electric in the kitchen, electric in the restaurant, electric in the staff room, electric in the toilets, electric on the outside of the restaurant etc.

PPC always works best when it is used in conjunction with optimised landing pages with great content, backed up with great email marketing, targeted prospects on social media and ongoing value and benefits that help retain customers long term. Work with a company that only focuses on one part of the puzzle and you run the risk of having a very disjointed marketing campaign for your business.

To The End can act more as a partner to your business, rather than a simple service provider. At different stages of your businesses launch or growth, your needs will change. Our offering can change to suit you as your business evolves. Priorities to certain digital and marketing services can increase and decrease to suit your needs, seasonal trends, capacity of your business and more.

A perfect example of this style of working relationship is our ongoing partnership with the insurer Adrian Flux. We have worked closely with and contributed to the incredible growth of this insurance broker for almost a decade.

In this time, we have built websites, managed and grown their PPC, worked on search engine optimisation, built a huge library of content, created, ran their social media channels, sent millions of emails, created numerous videos, gained them exposure in national and international press, the list goes on.

More importantly, To The End has helped craft and implement an all encompassing online and offline strategy, not only to attract new business but also make stronger ties with the existing customer base to help aid customer loyalty.

If you are looking to launch a product or business, increase sales or you are simply curious to find out more about the services we offer that could benefit your business, get in touch with us today for a chat. Maybe we could be talking about our long term partnership in another 10 years time.