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How to Make a Snapchat Last Forever!

You can make your Snapchat last forever…

On the 9th of May, Snapchat released a new update with a bunch of new features. You can draw with emojis, there’s a brand new magic eraser, but more importantly we received the ability to create limitless snaps. Yes, you can make a snapchat last forever. Thank you, Snap gods, you are forever blessing us with your social media related gifts.


First things first, update.

For those of you without automatic updates switched on, you’re going to need to head to the App Store or Play Store and update it manually. Don’t worry, it’s a relatively small update!


Limitless Snaps!

The next part is easy. Take a snap, click the timer and set it to the little ∞ symbol. Simple as that. Here, let us show you.

snapchat last forever

However, the question is, does this add to Snapchats offering or take away some of the magic from the media vanishing platform. Whilst Snapchat have obviously kept all the other options on the timer (1 through to 10 seconds), wasn’t Snap created so that we could determine how many seconds our pals got to witness our embarrassing selfies and tedious cat pictures for?

More likely, this is Snapchat defending itself from Instagram. On Instagram, your posts don’t have to disappear. Instagram allowed people to rewind a story, Snapchat copied. When you privately send someone a post on Instagram, it’s theirs forever. Are Snap now copying that too?

We thought we’d take to the Twitterverse to see what people thought to the new addition. Whilst others may be excited by the feature, it seems the majority just don’t really care much for change.


What do you make of it all? Come and join us on Twitter and let us know.