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In Motoring, there's Comfort in Numbers

We like to follow our heart. Fancy a one-off, bespoke, tailor-made piece of jewellery? No problem. How about a custom piece of bedroom furniture in that style you love, but built to fit into your strange alcove by a local carpenter? Yeah, that’s fine. How about sampling a brand new combination of flavours and textures never tried before, created by the awarded chef at the posh hotel in the neighbouring town? Yes, gimme.

So why do we yearn for mass production with our sports cars? What is it about our psyche that means we’d rather give our annual wage to a massive corporation for our distance-shortening adrenalin-shot, rather than to a group of talented engineers working 10-12 hours a day to create a one-off pride and joy tailored to you?

Maybe it’s a lack of trust… Cars are complicated. All those wires and cogs. So we have more faith in a big company building these products (albeit in the most economical manner viable), and chucking out a product which may need recalling a couple of times, rather than trust ‘Geoff’ with his bandaged hand, lunchbox on the side and a smudge of oil resting on his cheek, and his team of enthusiastic motoring artisans.

Or maybe it’s a lack of awareness? Big corporations have massive advertising budgets, sticking 1% of their total annual advertising £illion$ into their sporty motor won’t hurt the bank balance – but will mean it still gets masses more exposure than Geoff and his team of skilled motoring engineers can get.

However, more exposure does not necessarily mean more sales per pound invested. If you’re not targeting your ads properly, nor making content which people want to engage with and share – you’re missing a vital trick. You need to seek that live lead from all the duds.

No matter how big or small a company is, a good product is a good product, and finding the right audience – people who’ll not only want your product but also have the means to purchase it – will be crucial. This is where value for money and return on investment (ROI) become important, and by using the kind of narrowed-down audience targeting and profiling afforded by digital marketing (chiefly Social Media advertising and email) you can get staggering results for a small outlay.

Getting an incredible video, for example, doesn’t cost the earth if you use talented videographers like those at TTE and our friends at Studio20a – and then if you milk it by showing it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter all with highly-targeted ad campaigns from just a few £s; plus email campaigns, your website, and outreaching to interested magazines and bloggers etc, that one video could reach tens or hundreds of thousands of highly-relevant people. Just one video. We’ll show you the proof if you like.

Not only does a great piece of content like that then overcome the ‘lack of awareness’ hurdle, it can also overcome a ‘lack of trust’ argument, too. A slick video and well constructed campaign can show that Geoff’s motoring handiwork is as reassuringly well-constructed as anything by the household names.

And if you can get someone who really loves driving to try your true purpose-built machine which you truly believe in, rather than an accountant-overseen niche-filling afterthought from the international constructors, there’s surely only one direction their hearts will lead them.