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My First Day at a Content Marketing Agency

My first day of work at To The End began rather differently from my typical student day at University. I woke up to my nervously set 4 alarms and the stark realisation that eating leftover pizza for breakfast was no longer acceptable ( … or is it?).

This is it – I thought. It’s time for adulting.

I waved goodbye to lectures and said hello to a full-time job and the big wide world of marketing.

After putting on my carefully planned not-too-smart not-too-casual first day outfit I set out on my first commute (before doing a swift U-turn to go back home to get my forgotten lunch).

Phew. I was finally on the way, even if I was being tailgated by the first day fears.

Am I going to be out of my depth? What if I spill my coffee over my keyboard? What if I chat to Shelly all day to then realise a week later her name is Sharon? Someone pass me a paper bag to breathe into.

After giving myself a pep talk I finally arrived to the car park. Surely there had to be one spare space? Nope.

Luckily, there were plenty of spaces in a nearby car-park. But unluckily, I had decided to wear brand new leather shoes which I mistakenly hadn’t thought to break in. Hello blisters.

But alas, in full force hobble mode I finally made it to the office. I was greeted by the lovely Helen and shown to my desk – complete with Mac, baby-pink mug, notepads, and To The End merchandise.

My morning of unfortunate events were immediately forgotten about and the hobble turned into a hop, skip and jump as I made my way to my first workshop.

I absorbed everything from Search Engine Optimisation tips and tricks, to Pay-Per-Click, to Latent Semantic Indexing then left the room feeling a great big sponge. Did you know you can change the online visibility of a website or page in search engine results? That’s right Google – you work for me now!

I began to get to grips with the online systems and set up my email account. To my surprise, I had more than 75 emails already! But I told myself you learn how to swim quicker when you get thrown in at the deep end…. Right? And just like that, before I knew it it was lunch time already!

As it turned out I didn’t even need to do that U-turn for my forgotten food – I was being taken out for lunch instead! What a treat.

The tasty mexican bowl set me up for the busy afternoon ahead and I returned to the office ready to learn about To The End’s clients. From the insurance industry, to property development, to restaurants and many more – you name it, TTE can do it all!

I learnt about social media engagement, algorithms, profiling and content hubs (to name a few!) and added these nuggets of wisdom to my bank of ever-growing knowledge.

Instagram Story

I built relationships through inductions with all the wonderful members of staff and I quickly discovered that everybody here has their own diverse, creative specialisms all of which contribute towards the creation of unique and innovative content for clients. I couldn’t wait to make my own mark and become a cog within the collaborative marketing wheel of To The End!

As my first day came to an end and my eyes wandered over the picturesque Tuesday Market Place in reflection I thought to myself – I really am lucky to be working with this bunch of incredibly talented, welcoming and supportive colleagues!

So – what a success my first day was and what better way to celebrate my first day at work in true digital marketing style…than with an obligatory documentation of my new desk on my Instagram story.

Words by Savarna Burrows