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Not long ago, online marketing was seen as an afterthought, but, these days, any marketing strategy worthy of the name needs to consider a whole spectrum of digital activity, if it wants to succeed. Building a website is only the start of your online adventure – but with billions of sites worldwide competing for attention, attracting qualified visitors to your site and converting them into leads is the key to a successful web presence.

From making sure that your customers can find your site, to turning more of your visitors into buyers, we will make sure that your web presence is working for you. And by monitoring, participating in and shaping the online conversations around your brand and sector, we can help you engage with relevant and interested online communities.

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Website design and development

Be proud of your website.

All too often we have people coming to us because the website they have had built before does not work, or simply doesn’t meet the high standards their business or customers expect. You should not have to pay for a product you are not happy with,

Our passionate team of web designers and developers won’t let any website go live unless they themselves are proud of it. And our online team will not launch a website unless they are confident it will help achieve the client’s objectives.

Don’t hire a salesman to create your website, hire a designer!

Website Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimisation

Launching a website should never be the end of the process. In fact, for your business, it is just the beginning.

Careful analysis of how visitors are finding, visiting and navigating your website, and making use of the information gleaned from the data, can help your site improve and become more efficient at generating leads and sales for your business.

At it’s most basic level, this can be as simple as making sure that all the pages are working. But perhaps your analytics may surprise you. Maybe your site’s users are searching for entirely different phrases from those you were expecting. Or maybe a high percentage of visitors are using mobile phones – does your site display correctly for them? Perhaps your website visitors even speak a different language, and might benefit from translated content.

In any case, getting to grips with analytics will help you make good decisions that are informed by real data from your users.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

A good search engine optimisation strategy always starts with research. Choosing the right content, keywords and themes to attract interested visitors who are likely to buy from you is arguably the most crucial decision you can make in the building of a website. Although there are firms that may promise the earth, you often find that there is a catch or a but. Worse are those firms that use techniques that either violate the search engines guidelines, or use strategies that worked five or ten years ago.

There is in fact no great secret to effective SEO, and no one ideal search engine strategy – the right mix will depend on your site and your market. First, you need to make sure that your site is coded in a way that search engines can easily read and navigate (otherwise all our efforts are in vain!) Then, all you need to do is build compelling, original content that your customers will love, and then tell people about that great content.

Great content doesn’t mean stuffing your page with repetitious keywords, but it does mean talking about your product or service in the same way as your customers do. It doesn’t mean that you should worry unduly about ratios or densities, but it does mean you should create things that make your visitors want to stay, and even tell their friends and colleagues about.

Telling people about your content doesn’t mean getting hundreds or thousands of links from anywhere that will point to your URL, but it does mean making sure that your site is mentioned in the places it should be. It doesn’t mean spamming Twitter and Facebook with mentions of your site, but it does mean joining the conversation and being yourself.

True search engine optimisation isn’t about being number one in Google for a particular keyword, or even clicks, for that matter. Any search agency you choose to work with should have your interests at heart, and that means that the strategy’s aim should be to attract interested searchers and help to turn them into buyers on your site. Our search engine marketing specialists have many years of experience and are always happy to talk frankly and honestly about your site. And, of course they are on hand to ‘bake in’ the basic prerequisites of successful SEO into every site we build.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

Many people misunderstand pay per click advertising, partly because it is in the interests of many agencies and ‘experts’ to encourage belief in many of the myths of PPC.

The first thing you should know about pay per click, whether applied to search engines (Google Adwords, Bing / Yahoo AdCenter), social media (Facebook PPC, LinkedIn Advertising) or display advertising (Google’s AdSense content network, or innumerable other content placements) is that it is, without doubt, one of the most measurable, accountable ways to attract new customers to your business. A properly set up campaign will be able to track visitors to your website, and follow their journey across your website to the point of purchase (or not). A good PPC agency should concentrate on helping you sell your product or service, rather than simply attracting more clicks, and hence pay your agency more money!

Pay per click advertising works on an auction model, but what you may well not know is that the highest bid doesn’t necessarily win. That’s because most PPC auctions now incorporate some form of ‘quality score’ which means that more relevant adverts are more likely to appear near the top of the results. Search engines know that if their users find poor quality results, they will go elsewhere, which means they have a vested interest in keeping the best adverts at the top.

If you’ve previously tried PPC and found it to be very expensive, it’s likely that the reason is that your advert and landing page weren’t made as relevant as possible to the keywords you bid on. A good agency will work with you to achieve this state of nirvana, and win you the most business for the least money. An agency which is paid according to spend may simply encourage higher bids. You won’t experience this with Maze Media; we will liaise with you to find the most profitable way of driving relevant traffic to your site.

Our in-house gurus have been doing PPC since Adwords first came to the UK, and in that time have helped businesses large and small successfully attract new business in a wide range of industries and niches. Even in the insurance sector, widely viewed as the most competitive of all, we’ve helped our clients compete and win against opposition with bigger names and much bigger budgets. What’s more we can offer businesses a trial of Google Adwords with free introductory media spend of up to £75, so give us a call to talk about the most transparent, measurable and effective way there is to advertise.

Social Media

Part online marketing, part PR, part customer service, part branding and part just being you. We hope you have the last part covered, but social media marketing is a complex beast, and for the best chance of success, only a truly integrated agency is in a position to take account of all aspects of a social strategy.

Facebook and Twitter make the biggest noise, but social marketing opportunities are numerous and varied, and they aren’t just important for businesses targeting consumers – B2B social media, such as LinkedIn, and many niche-specific sites don’t just exist, they have their own rules of engagement. A full social media strategy might well also take account of social bookmarking sites, relevant blogs, forums and online newsfeeds.

The social web is just that – social – so your masterplan should be based on the relationships you want to cultivate and the people and businesses you want to influence (and be influenced by). That means your strategy will be unique to you, and built around your own needs – give us a call, facebook message us or tweet us and we can talk about what it might be…

Online Advertising

The world of online advertising can be hazardous for the unwary. If you own a business, you have probably already had dealings with pushy salespeople offering you a package that appears, at face value, very attractive. But how can you evaluate their claims? What is the difference between a hit and a visitor? And what sort of audience does their site actually have?

Or perhaps you are looking to advertise more widely and identify potential online media opportunities.

With the tools at our disposal, along with our extensive experience in the world of online advertising, we can help you sort the wheat from the chaff, and identify the best opportunities and the most appropriate audiences for your site. We can also help you to analyse the effectiveness of your investment and ensure that your acquisition costs remain reasonable.

Website Strategy

In our opinion, the most common reason for a website to under-perform is that the site has been put together without a clear direction or goal in mind. Truly successful websites have a clear purpose which informs their every detail, from the technical aspects of their site structure, to the tiniest detail of their design.

But it doesn’t stop there, because simply building a great site is not enough. Attracting visitors to your site requires a plan, and that plan should be as unique as your business. We can work with you to formulate a tailor-made strategy, whether you are looking to make your current website better-known, or want to develop a new site from scratch.

Website Usability Optimisation

Site Usability and Conversion Rate Optimisation is another area where the investment of a little time and effort can yield massive benefits. In a nutshell, CRO is about making sure that your visitors can become customers in the most efficient way possible, by making sure that their journey through your site is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

The best way to achieve this is through a process of experiment and refinement. By testing layouts, headings, text and graphics in combination, it is possible to achieve an optimum layout and message in a minimum of time. And by analysing visitors’ progress through forms and processes on the site, bottlenecks and confusion can be identified and eliminated to help your website achieve its true potential.

Web Hosting & Domain Management

For those customers who require it, we offer a full range of hosting possibilities, customised to your particular needs. Our hosting packages range from basic options costing a few pounds a year, to VPS and dedicated servers for those with more complex needs. We offer both Linux and Windows hosting and, if you wish, you can take full control of your hosting accounts. But if you would prefer us to take care of everything, you can leave it in our eminently capable hands and concentrate on running your business.

We can also look after your domain registrations and DNS, including email routing.

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