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The Latest Social News for June

It’s time for the monthly social update!
The world of social media continues with a raft of mind-blowing updates like, er, being able to request a question from your followers on Instagram. If there’s anything that smacks of limited shelf-life it’s a fad like this. Everyone has been on their Insta Story over this last week inviting witless numpties to ask them banal questions which they attempt to then re-spurt into nuggets of mega-wit. In theory, it sounds entertaining (which it is at the mo) but the demise of once-popular various questions apps like AskFM mean I just don’t see this new Instafeature making it past the semis. 
Prove me wrong, if you like, by keeping asking one another ever-more-interesting questions for the next month or year for all eternity, and then I’ll admit you were right, lords and ladies of Instagram. I won’t lie, I’ll probably do it myself but (of course) my answers will be amazing – if they’re not it’s your fault for not getting the joke and I was wearing a waistcoat at the time so I win anyway. 
Whilst we’re talking about Instagram, it now tells you you’ve caught up with everything when you’ve caught up with everything. Essentially telling you you can go to bed now as it’s nearly sunrise and you’ve got other networks that need feeding too.  I haven’t seen this as I’ll never catch up but I follow too many accounts because you’re all too interesting. (Except you, you one person I follow who is dull but I can’t unfollow without being a dick, you know who you are…)
*Paragraph here about Snapchat updates deliberately left blank* 
Going Twitterwards we’re set to see some large accounts drop lots of followers. If your followers are genuine you’ll be fine, but if you’d garnered an apparently massive followership via unscrupulous methods like buying them in or doing follow train stuff you may be hit with a big blow to the ego.  HA. Will be interesting to see who drops their load. 
(As a small note about Twitter, isn’t it annoying when people jump on an incorrectly spelt hashtag? Bugs me but hey, if the people need me to use #GaretSouthgate I’m jolly well giving up my 10/10 for accuracy and going for what the proletariat demand. I’m not concerned about how I might look with typos as this guy)
Facebook would be the next logical step here, so I’m going to indulge in some exciting news (if you’re me). No, I’ve not announced I’m pregnant on Facebook nor finally discovered one of those Zuck-awful “names of people most likely to…” which has ‘Damien’ on it, no…. this is actually exciting to me from a work POV.  Facebook’s much more restricted list of variables for audience selection means targeting people on boosts and ads suddenly got a lot trickier, which is great for those of us who’ve been finding peripheral routes to target an audience for, like, many years. Experience of profiling, spotting trends etc. stands us at TTE in good stead here – you can’t simply find rich people for that expensive item, for example, by selecting their expected income, you need to find them in other ways. Which we can do. 
Also, being unable to bait for ‘tag’/’like’/’react’ etc means more outside-box thinking is needed to get people to engage because they want to, not because you’ve told them to, and we’re pretty darn good at that too. 
Does that positive note conclude this month’s social media update?