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Why Creativity is Crucial in Marketing

“Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.”

-Albert Einstein

With the increase in online content production and different social media platforms popping up it has become increasingly difficult to connect with your audience and build customer loyalty.

If you’re struggling to build a relationship with your customer, creativity may be your saviour. Research shows emotional campaigns outperform functional ones by up to 11 times. And guess what evokes emotion within people? Creativity!

The word ‘creativity’ seems to be thrown about everywhere nowadays. We are told to utilise it and get with the times. From creative ideas, to creative content and creative leadership – supposedly it solves all our problems. The sceptics are no doubt unconvinced about the powers of creativity. We are taught to value hard facts and stats, but creativity is hard to measure or quantify so can often be dismissed. So why should you take a leap into the unknown? I’ll tell you why.

Where is the value in creative marketing?

Do you enjoy being bored? Nobody does right?

We are overloaded with brand messages across social platforms and it can be hard to stop people scrolling past your ad if it’s just like everyone else’s. Creativity gives life to brand messages and sets them apart from the rest. Continuous creative marketing will help capture your audience and keep them interested in your product, service or offering.

The combination of originality and expressiveness involved in creativity is what engages people and inspires them. Simply put: it creates more feelings within people and by nature we are emotional beings and emotions drive decision making.

What is creative marketing?

Is it imagination or innovation? Do you have to be an artist or entrepreneur? It’s a bit of everything! It involves courage, innovation and challenging perceived limitations. You need to experiment and embrace risk or failure.

Creative marketing is about getting the customer to actually read the email or social post, connect with it and then do something about it. Creativity is important for campaign effectiveness for many different reasons. If you think of successful campaigns over the years you’ll find they have something in common: creativity! Without this you’ll fail to engage your audience.

For example, Google uses data to drive creativity with their yearly campaign ‘Year in Search’ which explores the emotional story behind every search term that dominated the year.

The campaign shows that Google isn’t just a search engine. As Ben Gomes, VP of Search says: “Through all the highs and lows, people came to Search to learn more and understand.”

A huge part of creative marketing involves storytelling which impacts customer behaviours through its emotional content and ultimately how it makes them feel. Creativity is necessary in any modern marketing strategy and is beneficial to any business that wants to create change.