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Fuelling Around Podcast

Fuelling Around Podcast


For 45 years, Adrian Flux has been providing specialist insurance for cars, motorbikes, homes, caravans, motorhomes and vans. In June 2020, following months of teamwork between Maze and Want Some Media, the Fuelling Around podcast, powered by Adrian Flux, was launched. This audio content is designed to raise brand awareness to a broader (less specialist) audience, as well as the usual Flux motor enthusiasts, and to further enhance the brand image of Adrian Flux.

Target audience

Our primary target audience was motor enthusiasts while our secondary target was members of the general public who may be tempted to listen as a result of some of the non-car based stories guests were likely to share. Those tales were also more likely to be picked up by the national press by way of our PR and outreach efforts.
By the general nature of those interested in motoring podcasts, and the ages and demographics of the co-hosts and guests, we expected the target audience to probably be men aged around 35-45.

Creation and Strategy

In March 2020 we started working on developing the theme of the podcast and who we’d love to have featured on it. When the initial lockdown period hit we were unsure if we could get it recorded as planned. Thankfully Want Some Media were fully equipped to record the podcast remotely with guests so we were able to get it off the ground. At a time when a lot of people had more free time we knew we had to move fast.

The name Fuelling Around was quickly decided on as something lighthearted, which could hit a fairly broad audience as well as motor enthusiasts. The guests were then decided on and number of episodes for the first series.

For series one there would be eight podcasts featuring the following guests: Steve Jones, Kelvin Fletcher, Suzi Perry, Maxi Jazz, Ricky Wilson, James Martin, Amy Macdonald and Sir Chris Hoy.

The podcast trailer went live on Apple Podcasts on June 16th and the first two episodes followed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify on July 1st. The podcasts were promoted through the Adrian Flux blog, social media channels, PR and an advert for the podcasts was launched on Spotify. Additionally a new channel was created to serve as the home of the podcast on YouTube.

The Platform & Distribution Strategy

The platform we designed and developed to support the on-site content was a blog, where interested parties could browse articles and view photographs with an enjoyable user experience.

Forever Cars was launched at adrianflux.co.uk/forever-cars, from this point at least one article per month has been added to build up credibility as an authority on classic cars.

Articles are uploaded to the blog on a regular basis following interviews with the car owners. These articles focus not only on the vehicle itself, but the story behind them and the memories they bring. Every story is about the owner’s emotional connection with their car, from highlights of taking their sons and daughters to weddings, to the sometimes challenging renovation projects.

Once the articles have been uploaded the content is then distributed through online channels, dependant on the story. These outlets include: social media – where existing and potential customers can engage with the content and are targeted through paid methods, native advertising – to increase brand awareness of Adrian Flux through paying for content to appear adjacent to articles on popular news sites as well.

Email is also used to engage existing Adrian Flux customers, providing them with valuable content as a loyal customer.

The Results

The podcast was successful in achieving its objectives and as a result of this strong performance has been renewed for a second season.

  1. Increase brand awareness of Adrian Flux to a broad audience
    Having celebrity guests on the podcast was a great way for Adrian Flux to not only increase the number of listeners, but it was seen as an opportunity to further push the Adrian Flux brand name into national titles. Through press releases we managed to secure placements in some of the nation’s most read publications including; the Radio Times, Daily Express, Daily Mirror and the Daily Record.
  2. Enhance the brand image of Adrian Flux with the help of UK celebrities who are household names
    Further to this we also asked the guests promote the podcast to their thousands of followers on social media, mainly through Twitter, helping to enhance the brand image of Adrian Flux. A 5* Apple review rating was achieved for the podcast. It was also ranked number one podcast in the automotive category.
  3. Strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers
    With 15,000 listens on podcast platforms, we can see that the audience liked what they were hearing and listened to almost all of each episode with an average of 91% completion, which is much higher than the average 80%. This would suggests the audience were interested in the subject matter and had no issue with the sponsorship messaging. 70% of listeners have subscribed to the podcast, which shows a relationship being established between the audience and the brand.
    On YouTube there have now been 47,031 views on the Fuelling Around episodes.
    The articles on the Adrian Flux blog about the podcast attracted 5,836 views. The Adrian Flux Twitter account managed to reach 228,025 from 10 tweets promoting all of the episodes, generating 3,250 link clicks, this was without the further reach from the celebrity guests promoting the podcast from their personal accounts, while on Facebook the Adrian Flux page reached 133,170 and generated 2,300 link clicks.

What the Client Says

Gerry Bucke, Adrian Flux general manager: “Fuelling Around has been a great project to be involved with. The high-profile names on the episodes enhanced the reputation of Adrian Flux and has taken us to a whole new audience. The content is fun and shows, again, that marketing for insurance doesn’t always have to be strait-laced and informative.”.’

Gerry Bucke,
General Manager at Adrian Flux

2020 FINALIST FOR BEST PODCAST AT CMA INTERNATIONAL CONTENT MARKETING AWARDSFuelling Around won the Bronze Award in the Best Podcast category at the 2020 International Content Marketing Awards.

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