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Adrian Flux: Learner Driver Hub

Building brand affinity with young drivers

Adrian Flux

Our client’s brief

Brand affinity is vitally important to insurance brokers. Operating in a world with countless competitors and a race to the bottom on comparison sites, affinity allows brands to position themselves above a price war.

In 2017, older demographics made up the majority of Adrian Flux users, so we realised there was ample opportunity to create useful content for younger audiences. This was particularly suited to selling learner driver and black box insurance, which Adrian Flux offers.

We were asked to create a resource that would support learner drivers through the process of passing their driving test. This included producing resources like videos, blog posts and guides. Through this, the client wanted to increase sales for learner driver insurance while ticking the following boxes:

  • Give existing Flux customers added value by providing support and resources
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Bring new visitors to the site and increase traffic to the domain

How we tackled it

We launched the Learner Driver Hub in July 2017, complete with a wide range of resources. This included videos on the driving manoeuvres, which we created in collaboration with Caroline’s Driving School, as well as guides, blog content and car insurance information. We covered a diverse range of topics, including information for learners taking their driving test and tips to help save them money insuring their first car.

As part of the initial launch, we also partnered with the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service, otherwise known as UCAS, to build awareness around the hub. Considering UCAS works closely with teens aged 16-18, this was a key partnership that would help improve brand affinity between Adrian Flux and learner drivers.

Through this, we realised that people aged 45-54 were actually the ones buying the insurance, suggesting that while learner drivers were consuming the content, their parents or guardians were the main policy purchasers. This indicated that we needed to make adjustments to the hub to make the site more conversion-led for new customers while still acting as a valuable resource for learners.

As a result, we redesigned the Learner Driver Hub’s layout and colour scheme so it would appeal to parents who were driving conversions. We also added blog content that was more relevant to parents, such as guides on supervising learner drivers and how to buy insurance for a child.

We continued to create content that would appeal to younger users, such as influencer campaigns and competitions. This proved useful as it allowed us to collect email data, which we then used to create lookalike audiences on social media. This, in turn, helped us target users who were more likely to engage with our content, which further enhanced brand affinity.

Since the Learner Driver Hub’s launch, we’ve worked on a range of campaigns to drive traffic to the hub, increase brand awareness and boost sales. Perhaps most notably, we’ve partnered with FirstCar, which works with the DVSA to create and distribute a magazine to all new drivers in the UK in order to improve road safety.

The results

The Learner Driver Hub has continued to go from strength to strength. As expected, the number of users aged between 35 and 44 increased from 19% to 29% after the site revamp. The number of users aged between 45 and 54 also increased from 23% to 28%. As these groups were the main policy buyers in the market, this has helped drive sales for Adrian Flux.

Our influencer campaign and competitions helped improve the percentage of users aged between 18 and 24. This has increased brand awareness for our client while also building credibility. In turn, we believe this will pay dividends; as our younger audience gains more purchasing power, it’s more likely that they’ll get a quote from Adrian Flux

Return on investment

In Google Analytics, Page Value is how you measure the commercial performance of a web page. This value is intended to give you an idea of which pages contributed more to site revenue.

For Adrian Flux, the page value reflects the number of people getting an insurance quote. Looking at the numbers in Google Analytics for the Learner Driver Hub and its content, the hub has produced a 23.79% return on investment to date. This rate will undoubtedly rise as the impact of Adrian Flux’s front-loaded investment is diluted over time.

“The Learner Driver Hub is a project we are extremely proud of. We have created the go-to hub with informative content and great resources to truly help both parents and learner drivers to build their knowledge and confidence to become safer drivers.”
Gerry Bucke, General Manager at Adrian Flux

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