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Did I Just Click an Ad…and Like it?!

YouTube advertising doesn’t need to be intrusive and boring, in fact, it’s now almost a requirement that it’s engaging and delivers value to the audience watching.

Video advertising gives you the ability to tell compelling stories and provide value to your target audience. It’s all about creating ads that are more than just ads.

Take Nike for example, their YouTube ads are typically based around a ‘movement’ instead of a strong focus on the product itself. The brand created a series of short videos with comedian and actor, Kevin Hart for the Apple Watch Nike+ with the hashtag #MoveWithHart. The series was very funny, shareable and drew the target audience in over a long period of time. They are ads you look forward to seeing before the video you intended to see. Why? Because they are targeted perfectly, don’t focus heavily on selling a product, and have high production value. They draw you in like a great TV series and keep you watching. See for yourself below.

Another example of a brand doing YouTube advertising well is Influx who, with careful targeting, showed their latest video about the Skyline car successfully as a YouTube ad.

The comments on the video prove the effect putting the right content in front of a relevant audience can have. Give your target audience what they want to see, and they will watch it. Because they want to.

That’s right folks, it’s possible for YouTube ads to engage audience. Product demos, how-tos and dynamic content in advertising on YouTube will always be the most effective. Focusing on a ‘movement’ like Nike did with their Equality video rather than selling a product is powerful as it evokes emotions and creates a connection with the audience.

You need to create content that your audience will find valuable and engaging, it’s basically mandatory for YouTube advertising these days.

Using influencers like Kevin Hart, who are relevant to your brand and who appeal to your target audience can be extremely beneficial. If you’re interested in using influencers in your advertising campaigns speak to our friends at Fluential. Or, perhaps you would like to learn more about creating engaging YouTube adverts? Then speak to us at To The End as we specialise in audience engagement, our work for Influx on YouTube speaks for itself.