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The Best of April Fools 2019

There has been many different April Fools campaigns floating around today – you’re bound to have fallen for one! We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites for you to have a browse of below:

Krispy Kreme – Original Glazed Sauce

“How to make nuggets taste even better? Dip them in our new Original Glazed dipping sauce! ?? When two of your favourite savoury & sweet treats come together, it can only be magic. Hurry! available for a limited time only.” – Krispy Kreme, Instagram

The Footasylum Drive Thru

“The Footasylum Drive Thru has finally landed, making it even easier to cop the latest releases. Head over to our blog for more info.” – Footasylum, Instagram

Google Maps – Snake

Google has temporarily added the classic game of Snake into it’s Google Maps this year! I mean, we know it won’t be around for long, but we’ve enjoyed it whilst it’s lasted…

Missguided – Shewee

Size does matter ⚡️ Introducing the Missguided Shewee ? coming soon… ⏰” – Missguided, Instagram

Post Office – Time Travel Insurance

Offering protection against dinosaur injury, viking trauma and complications from drinking primordial soup. PLUS 24/7 mammoth encounter helpline… what more could you ask for with your time travel insurance – ey?

Tinder – Height Verification

Statistics don’t lie. According to Tinder, most guys who state 5’10” as their height on Tinder profiles are actually 5’6″. This is just plain unfair to dudes who are actually 5’10” tall, and Tinder is determined to put a stop to it.

The company has launched a new feature called the Height Verification Badge (HVB), essentially requiring all users to state their actual height (AH) instead of dream height (DH) on profiles.  – Mashable

Boden – Brexit Breton

Clothing retailer, Boden, has today announced that permission has been withdrawn for it to continue producing the French-inspired sartorial staple ‘Breton top’ in the UK, and that anyone owning a Breton top will now need to apply for a special EU shirt license to wear one or face a €1000 fine. However, do not fear, Boden has stated they do offer a stripe removal service, as pictured above, named the ‘Bret-off’…

Creme Egg flavoured Mayo

Taking Easter to the next level with this [seriously] good treat! Heinz and Cadburys have joined forces to bring you this delicious topping. However, we must admit, we won’t be trying it anytime soon…

Maryland Avocado Cookies

Jump on the Instagram avocado craze with these Maryland cookies. Made from ‘refined avocado powder’ these are the next best thing in terms of the superfood market… Would you try them?

Sainsburys – Trolley Trainer

“Work your body when you push our trolley”. Sainsburys have launched a ‘Trolley Trainer’, a system used within trolleys to help you to tone…whilst you shop – sign us up!

The April Fools pranks this year have come in by the bucket load so this is just a small snippet of a couple the team here at TTE has spotted – until next year!